The Sweet Potato Sensation Story

Our History

November 25

Sweet Potato Sensations: A Love Story

The Sweet Potato Sensations story starts begins with the marriage of Jeffery and Cassandra Thomas in 1976. At their first Thanksgiving together Jeffery pleaded to have sweet potatoes on the menu, just like his mom used to make. Cassandra, who did not like candied yams, created a recipe for sweet potato cookies to satisfy her husband’s sweet tooth. The cookies were a big hit! Thus, the recipe for Sweet Potato Sensations famous cookies was created.
July 6

Rosedale Park 30 Block Yard Sale

Cassandra and Jeffery wanted to see if it were possible to start a cookie business with this great cookie recipe. Famous Amos, Mrs. Fields, and the Great American Cookie Company were in all the malls across the country. In the summer of 1987, the Thomases begin selling their sweet potato cookies at the Rosedale Park 30 Block Yard Sale. Within in three hours, they had completely sold out.
December 1

Sweet Potato Sensations was Born

Jeffery woke up in the middle of the night thinking, “Sweet Potato Sensations… best pies in the nation.” The name was born! In December of 1987, Sweet Potato Sensations became incorporated. The Thomases began selling their cookies at the Rocky Peanut Company. This was their official first customer.
July 6

The Storefront Opens

The first Sweet Potato Sensations storefront opened right next to the Redford theater. The quaint 750 sq ft space only fit one oven with a capacity to make 30 pies at a time. Lines would form around the block to grab a taste of these delicious sweet treats.
July 6

The Savory Menu Begins

The savory menu begins… but not without some compromise. Jeffery Thomas wanted to expand the menu past deserts but Cassandra was a little hesitant. Jeffery scoured the internet tweaking and testing new recipes for sweet potato waffles and pancakes. The outcome was a big hit and ultimately Cassandra agreed to serve them! He paired these new additions with his mom’s fried chicken recipe to create the chicken and waffles you see on the menu today. Since then the menu has expanded to soups, sandwiches, salmon croquettes, and more!
March 4

Look Mom We’re Famous

Sweet Potato Sensations is featured in an episode of the Chew!
July 24

Hillary Stops in for a Visit

Hillary Clinton stops in for a visit while campaigning in Detroit. She stayed for almost an hour and ordered our Black Eye Pea & Collard Green Soup with our Sweet Potato Cornbread, Sweet Potato Cobbler with Sweet Potato Ice Cream.
September 2

Sweet Potato Sensations Moves

Sweet Potato Sensations crossed the street into their newly renovated space on Lahser Ave. This move allowed them to house more ovens, increase production, and create a dining space for the community to enjoy.
December 1

Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

Jeffery and Cassandra started this journey with the goal to revolutionize the sweet potato and continue the legacy of George Washington Carver. In 2017 they celebrated their 30th Anniversary of being in business. Not only have they revolutionized the sweet potato they have become an iconic Detroit bakery and a staple in their community!



About us

Sweet Potato Sensations is a story of love. What started out as a compromise for two newlyweds over the Thanksgiving table became an iconic Detroit bakery. Follow Along On Our Journey!

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